The Penn Relay Carnival is an event that has been happening annually since 1895. Runners from all over the world compete inside historic Franklin Stadium. This was my first year at the relays, as well as my first time covering a track and field event. During this first time outing, I learned that track and field is no joke. The athletes take their craft seriously and perform with passion, and the fans do just the same. I could feel the energy of the racers and fans alike. The three days I spent on the University of Pennsylvania campus was intense. The first few hours were spent learning how to navigate through the venue, how not to get smashed by the racers when crossing the track, how to stay on the officials good side, and how to not trip over the removable curb that is in place to make sure lane 5 is a true 400m. I saw many unsuspecting souls, myself included, stumbling and bumbling in hopes of preventing a face-plant onto the racing surface. Thankfully, most were able to avoid the face-plant and could enjoy the racing without scrapes on their knees and little rubber bits embedded in their palms. Once I was able to navigate the formalities, I was able to start shooting and exploring the relays in a different way.  Below is a gallery of imagery created throughout my three days at the Penn Relay Carnival. I  hope that these images are able to convey even a little bit of the passion, hard work, and emotion I was able to witness from these athletes.